Will nails grow back after fingernail fungus?

Fingernail fungus is a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals. Unlike its toenail counterpart, fingernail fungus is very much visible making it harder for people to hide them off from the public. This in turn makes it important to find timely and effective treatment to restore the nails back to its former youth and glory. With that being said, some treatments for fingernail fungus result to the nails’ falling off or to its complete recovery. This process makes others feel hesitant in pursuing such treatment as they don’t want to lose an entire nail in the process. Will nails grow back after fingernail fungus?

Nails usually grow back once the fungus is treated. Clipping down the nails can also help to get rid of the fungus which in turn helps speed up recovery. After this, new set of nails will slowly replace the old ones. If fingernails are not growing as intended, it may be affected by some factors that affect its growth. These include health conditions, age, season, cutting, and the likes.

Factors the Affect Nail Growth

Health conditions such as hypothyroidism can affect nail growth. This results to the development of thin, brittle hair or fingernails. In such cases, it is best that you get in touch with your doctors as you work hand in hand together in finding suitable treatment that is able to cater to your preference and needs.

Age and lifestyle also contribute how fast a nail can grow as well as to their structure and durability. Nails grow faster when accompanied with a balanced diet making it important to eat the right types of food. This in turn helps strengthen nails while at the same time prevent them from breakage. Foods rich in iron, zinc, and protein aid in helping them grow in a timely and effective manner.

Other Known Factors

Nail growth is also linked to the weather. The cold weather decreases the rate in which your nails grow. On the other hand, during the warm season, nails develop faster, allowing them to grow fully in just a short amount of time.

The way we handle our nails can also have serious repercussions on its health. For instance, bad habits such as nail biting can lead to infection or permanently damaging the nail and nail bed. This in turn increases the likelihood of a nail to stop growing.

Last but definitely not the least are the nail products that we are using. Using nail polish or acrylic nails for example, can cause your nail fungus to come back. In some cases, bad quality nail polish can greatly hinder the growth of your nails. For that matter, make sure that you stick to natural oils and nail polish that has vitamins in them.

It is important that you treat fingernail fungus right away before it gets worse. Fingernails do grow back once the wounds have healed, and the infection has gone away. However, there is more effort patients need to do in order to get them back right away. Consider the nail growth factors mentioned above to help speed up the growth of your fingernails.

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