Thick Toenails Could Be Sign of a Bigger Problem

People take the necessary efforts in keeping their nails clean and tidy. This is the reason why the salon industry is a booming business with plenty of customers visiting them on a regular day to day basis. Not taking care of your toenails can lead to potential problems with your feet down the line. A good example of this is with regards to having thicker toenails. Thick toenails at first glance may look unsuspectingly normal but if left unattended or ignored it can develop into severe complications. Let us look at what causes toenails to thicken as well as a few methods on how to treat them.

How to Identify the Development of Thick Toenails?

Your toenails when becoming thick can show underlying problems that are happening on your feet. It should be noted that having thick toenails can be just one of the many symptoms of a fungal infection. Its color can also vary from yellow, brown, or green although white toenail fungus seems to be the most popular among the group. Infection develops over time which can result to your toenail emitting a foul order. Aside from that, your toenails splitting or crumbling is a very good indicator that you are suffering from thick toenails. They can also look scaly or chalky with dirt and other debris under them. As mentioned earlier, development of thick toenails is subtle making people not notice any sign of discomfort. With that being said, toenails can become painful as symptoms build and progress.

The Causes of Thick Toenails

There are a number of factors that can cause the development of thick toenails. Onychomycosis also known as fungal infection in the nail is considered to be one of the main culprits in its development. White toenail fungus results to yeast growing under your nail bed where moist is often found.

Feet that are often exposed to wet areas have a huge likelihood of developing fungal infection. This includes being barefoot in public places with wet floors, such as showers, gyms, and swimming pools. Shoes that constrict your feet can limit their breathing space which can damage your toenails. Aside from that, those who have sweaty feet and shoes are also susceptible in getting white toenail fungus and the same can also be said with regard to athlete’s foot that can spread to your toenails.

Thick Toenail Remedy

It is good to hear that people today are given plenty of options on how to treat their thick toenails. These include home remedies and medical treatments that are available regularly. With home treatments, patients can choose topical and oral medications to help heal the infection. Hygiene also plays an important role in keeping the bacteria away which includes cleaning the affected area with soap and water daily as well as grooming your nails regularly. For patients looking for a faster and more effective method, they can consider laser treatments or perhaps the procedure of removing their toenail to treat the nail bed.

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